Our collective members represent the diverse and multi-faceted diaspora of the female AAPI community.



Tricia Bolender

Tricia is a strategy consultant and executive coach, who works with leaders who are changing the world. Her coaching bridges head and heart, helping clients lead courageously and be more loyal to their dreams than to their fears.

She received her BA from Harvard University and MBA from Columbia Business School. She is passionate about authentic leadership and living a purpose-driven life, and has spoken on this topic at TEDx, Yale, MIT, Columbia and at various international women’s groups.

judy lee photography-square

Judy Lee

Judy is a Transformative Photographer who creates spaces for women to show up as their true selves so they can live with more authenticity, intention and purpose.

She provides impactful portrait experiences designed for self-reflection and personal growth, leads workshops and WomanSpeak, a female-centric program designed to teach women to trust their voice and speak their truth. She is also a community builder and runs Empowered Sisterhood.


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